Inner Child & Angel Rainbow Crystal

The Rhinestone connects you with the initial energy of Maui in Hawaii, it carries the overarching power of Heart/Truth to the world. (6×4 cm, 100 grams)

This crystal helps you to:

  • Feel seen and respected as a Light Being
  • Deal with heavy energy (internally and externally)
  • Reconnect with your Inner Child/Self
  • Reach a higher level of Oneness that transcends heaviness, worry or duality
  • Rise above your shadow behaviours, your ego-mind and grow from your history
  • Care for your core light, bringing unity to your environment so that you can operate from the Love that you are
  • Bring the Lemurian universal, selfless love and cosmic consciousness to your body
  • Unite your cosmic and Earthly consciousness to work as one
  • Activate Angels, Devas and Nature Spirits who work with your body to provide unselfish love and truth
  • Open your kundalini channel and light bodies from your Pillar of Light
  • Integrate your expanded consciousness and higher dimensions with your chakras

Not just a regular quartz but a ‘Fire and Ice’ crystal
Fire and Ice crystals bring light and have an extremely high vibration. They carry the cosmic fire which makes them very inspiring for spiritual and light work. Fire and Ice crystals connect polarities and contain the full spectrum of consciousness.

Symbols are often visible on the crystals and can be used to give advice regarding transformation. Rainbows can also be seen and are said to activate greater awareness.

Tears, cracks and fractures can occur inside/outside of your Fire and Ice crystals. This happens because the crystals are exposed to excessive heat and are then rapidly cooled. It is advisable to carefully spray the gemstone with the Elohim bio-spray ‘Highest Light in the Earth’, because the crystal will transform a lot.

General uses and effects of Rhinestone:

  • It’s great healing abilities make it perfect for energy work
  • It’s high vibrations can penetrate internal walls and obstacles
  • It absorbs negative energy and provides positive energy
  • It stores energy so that future imbalances can be repaired
  • Crystal is so pure and neutral that it can be charged for different (energetic) effects and also used to enhance the effects of other stones
  • It is purifying, vitalizing, refreshing and good for the immune system
  • It encourages the development of new skills
  • It shines a light on what you ‘ see’ and ‘know’
  • It purifies your environment and has a harmonizing, balancing effect on the body

Physical Effects:
Rhinestone brings balance to your kidneys, heart and back as well as your menstrual and menopausal systems.