Merlin – Merlina Amethyst

The Elohim Merlin Amethyst is programmed to raise your vibrations to mastery, your angelic being and to bring out your magical Christ child. The Merlin Amethyst is loaded with magic dust and draws on the elves who can guide you.

Effects of the Merlin Amethyst

  • Expands your creative and magic powers in conjunction with your mystical Christ Child
  • Gives you endless confidence in the outcome of your desires
  • Helps you to stop feelings and thoughts of heaviness and impossibility, you start to expect positive outcomes
  • Your deepest wishes will begin to come true
  • Lifts you up into your carefree creative power
  • It gives you the happiness and joyful expectation of a child
  • It brings you in line with the creative, wishing light master in you, causing all that is built up inside you to come out
  • You have no opposing thoughts
  • Your magical Christ child does not block your Divine stream
  • The energy from the Merlin Amethyst provides warm, protecting love in your belly
  • Your ‘wants’ and ‘musts’ are resolved
  • Reconnect with the forces of nature

Spiritual effects
The powerful energy of the Amethyst protects and advances spiritual awareness and love for the Divine. With its extremely high vibration, it stimulates and soothes the crown, throat and heart chakras. It opens intuition and enhances Divine gifts. Amethyst has a purifying effect on the aura, transforming negative energy. With such spiritual effects, Amethyst is useful for people who are about to make the transition to death.

Physical effects
Amethyst stimulates the production of hormones and aligns the endocrine system and the digestive system. It relieves headaches and stress. Amethyst reduces bruising, wounds and swelling and treats hearing disorders. It supports the healing of diseases found in the lungs and respiratory tract, as well as skin conditions, cellular disorders and digestive ailments. It regulates the flora of the intestines and stimulates the cleansing of excretory organs and the immune system. It cleans the blood, relieves physical and emotional pain and works against stress and insomnia.