Consciously choose Elohim Products

5-13 dimensional support

All the Elohim products are fully opened and activated with the 13-dimensional Oneness consciousness. Moreover some of the Elohim products received an extra program for a specific goal. For example, the Merlin Amethyst has an extra program with the healing tools and magic of Merlin.

To make sure that the Elohim products contain the highest active energy, this programming is done by one or our master healers. You can buy them in our physical shop or order your products online.

Conscious and sensitive people

Activated natural medicines are necessary for conscious and sensitive people. New-age people live at a high vibration because their multidimensional soul light bodies are grounded in their behaviour and cells. The Elohim products have high vibrations of cosmic and earthly life energy, they contain love and cooperate with nature spirits. The Bovis value (life energy) of the Elohim products is 20,000+, which is extremely high.