Deva Pendants

The herbal plants are recognised as having a soul

It is not the substance itself which contributes the most to healing and self-development, but the soul of the plant. This disappears when herbs are industrially processed, but not with the products of the Elohim Centre. Besides care and attention, the organic herbal Deva pendants also absorb the oneness energy of the Elohim sacred site, which brings oneness to all of the dimensional layers of the wearer and his or her environment.

Deva herbal pendants

The Deva herbal pendant consists of a glass tube with a part of the herb that is multi-dimensionally activated and permeated with the Over-soul or Deva-energy of the plant. This makes it very active in the spiritual area. Its working then expands from the spiritual aura into psychic, mental, emotional and physical terrain. The activated Cosmic Power of the Plant-Deva helps each person express their highest potential and true self in daily functioning and health.

The Deva herbal pendants anchors the true Self and full potential deep within the body. They brim with  medicinal powers and chi. This is because the herbs with their Devas or nature spirits grow at the Elohim Sacred Site and are cared for lovingly. The Elohim Deva herbal pendants, known for their powerful, high vibrational, 13D working are also ordered a lot online. They work on all chakras, cells, genes, DNA and behavioural patterns. Wear them for at least 3 months or longer around the neck or under the pillow.

List of Elohim Deva Pendants

21- Agrimony> Tension release, inner strength with kindness, stand on your own feet. Stand up for who you are. Feel your own power whilst embracing your Crystalline vulnerability. Alignment with the cosmos and deep grounding. Manifestation and vitality. Physical: supports the digestive and respiratory tract and strengthens the female organs.

24 -Basil> Stimulating and refreshing effect on the mind. Relieves cramps and nervousness.  Sharpens the senses and improves concentration, brings peace and space when weary. It relaxes the nerves, has a calming influence on stress and helps lift depression. It balances thinking and feeling.

27- Birch> Emotional and spiritual cleansing, purity, lightness. True nature. Enormous light power. Helps things flow again. Clarifies thinking and affects the cleansing of the entire system. Embodies the Higher Self. Breaks down old pain and fear. Physical: purifying influence on the skin. Supports the spleen and urinary tract.

30- Blackberry> Sets boundaries, self-acceptance. Cosmic and earthly alignment. Makes concrete, energetic and determined. Helps to set limits. Blackberry supports you in making choices and taking decisions. It balances male and female aspects. Physical: Blackberry cleanses all infections which are caused by body contamination. It relieves diarrhea and helps build and strengthen the whole system.

33- Nettle> Very spiritually and physically cleansing, stimulates, transforms, builds up. Nettle contains a lot of cosmic energy. It helps to transform negative pain and is also a wonderful protector, growing exactly where it is needed. Nettle also helps you to stop procrastinating. Stand up for who you are. Physical: purifies blood and supplements nutritional deficiencies. It activates all organs.

36- Lemon Balm> Comfort, relaxation and security when wounded by love, in busy times or when weighed down by matter. Lemon balm gives comfort and security and helps in periods where fears and pains come to light. Gives you space and inner calm. Physical: Brings tranquility. It has a positive influence on the heart, head and digestion. It also relieves nervous complaints and promotes restful sleep.

39- Chicory> Joyousness, zest for life.  Guides you on the path to light and stimulates vitality. Chicory helps you to live life more smoothly. It brings inner peace and quiet. Physical: Is good for the stomach, intestines, bowels, anaemia, depression.

42- Yarrow> Safety. Come home to yourself. Yarrow helps you to stay in your own energy, also at times when you step beyond the familiar and experience uncertainty. It brings parts of yourself to the surface while giving you the calm and confidence that things will settle and find a new place. It transports you to deeper layers in yourself.

45- Oak> Power and courage, grounding,  determination, calming effect on your energy. Oak is the symbol of strength and courage. It helps you feel peace in your energy, grounds you and gives power. Oak keeps you connected to your higher light from your core security. A good herb to help you ‘be’ your essence and to relieve pain. Physical: Is active on the thyroid, fluid balance, nerves, bowels.

48- Marigold> Expels sickness and rigidity, second chakra, inner child, joy of life. Marigold brings lots of happiness, playfulness, joy of life, inner strength. Everything which has been blocked in your body and mind is loosened and removed. Physical: Healing and cleansing on internal and external inflammations and infections. Beneficial to the skin. Marigold supports blood purification.

51- Goldenrod> Inner strength, supports processing. Goldenrod encourages you to step into your own strength and helps you to process things. Goldenrod is protective and keeps you in your own energy. It strengthens your masculine side (especially the power of manifestation and sticking up for yourself). Physical: Is active on kidneys, heart, blood vessels, liver, bile, pancreas, allergies.

54- Horsetail> Confidence in yourself, restores contact with the Source. This is a very potent herb, both spiritually and physically. Horsetail restores contact with the Source and gives you confidence in yourself and in the whole. Especially in periods when you’re not feeling happy in yourself, Horsetail is there to support you. It helps you to ‘Be’ in surrender. Physical: Helps (fungal) infections, respiratory tract, rheumatism, bladder, kidneys.

57- Shepherd’s purse> Deep loneliness or the tendency to overreach/ignore yourself is dissolved by love. Are you always busy and inclined to take on too much, making it difficult to open your heart? Are you fiery; do you burn yourself up? That makes the ageing process go faster! Elohim Shepherd’s purse teaches you to live in the Now and be calmer. It also facilitates quick recovery, and gives a new sense of life and optimism. It offers forgiveness and gentleness stemming from unconditional love, purity and Christ power. Frozen parts of yourself are brought to the surface and transformed. Helps pelvic floor muscles, bladder, heart and blood vessels, blood pressure and deacidifies.

60- Ground ivy> Deacidifies, helps you stand up, power, perseverance, safety, show who you are, express yourself.  Ground ivy offers peace and comfort. Energy blockages sites are softened and dissolve. Helps release of fear and sorrow. With long-term use, it aligns with your essence and helps you integrate it into daily life. Physically, Ground ivy is beneficial to the ear and it helps stimulate the urinary tract so that everything flows through it. It is soothing to and releases tension.

63- Mallow> In a state of happiness you become your inner child again. Mallow takes you back to who you are, so that you don’t ignore yourself and your needs anymore. What you feel is fully allowed. Physically it has a gentle and soothing effect on the respiratory tract, lungs and asthma. It protects the stomach lining and intestines, and helps to soften the stool. It soothes a sensitive, dry or rough skin and stimulates a good kidney function.

66- Chamomile> Headaches, stress, lack of life force, insomnia, cleansing and soothing. Chamomile helps you in a playful way to become your own loving adult. Deep grounding, alignment with the cosmos. Chamomile restores contact with your inner child and helps you (re)discover a deep connection with your inner Self. It improves intuition and helps you find balance in general.

69- Lavender> Relaxation, self-confidence, rest, reduces too much thinking, headache, perfectionism, insomnia. Lavender promotes inner peace and relaxation. It improves intuition and clears the head. Helps you sleep well when stressed. Relieves headache. Helps you to concentrate. Allows energy to flow back to the ground and dissolves blockages. Balances thinking and feeling.

72- Daisy> Activates your light-hearted, happy, magical child who creates everything effortlessly. Daisy shows you the fragile and sensitive areas in yourself. It allows you to be vulnerable. This herb softens and brightens your energy. Physical: measles, rubella, boils, red skin rashes, wounds, bruises, fibromyalgia, muscle aches, muscle disorders, gout, vasoconstriction, kidney stones, tuberculosis, asthma, cough, alternative blood thinner.

75- Periwinkle> Release old patterns, stand up. Periwinkle helps you to let go of old patterns and to open up to a new life. A good herb for support in difficult situations and periods of transition. Physical: relieves arteriosclerosis, inflammation, blood pressure, headache, palpitations, bile, tinnitus.

78- Oregano> Balances inner man/woman. Oregano helps to find the balance between your inner male/female aspects. It increases intuition and raises consciousness. It gives insights arising from your highest truth. Physically, oregano warms the lower abdomen, it stimulates digestion and is good for the bowels. It has a calming and soothing effect on the female organs. It purifies the blood.

81- Munt> New life force, expressing what is there.
Mint helps break patterns and lets a fresh wind blow through all of your cells. It gives the confidence to detach from things in order to lay down a new foundation. Mint clarifies the thinking. Physically, it stimulates digestion and has a soothing effect on the stomach and nervous system. Cooling on the skin.

84- Herb Robert> Feeling safe in earthly body, embodying essence. Herb Robert has a wonderful energy. It helps to realize our dreams and strengthens our Being in multiple dimensions. Physically it has a beneficial effect on the blood; it purifies. Herb Robert soothes the nervous system. It is also good for your skin.

87- Purple cone flower> Stand up for yourself, assertive, strong grounding, know what you want, believe in yourself. Believe in your strength, physical, emotional and psychological resilience and health. Strengthens immunity and helps against infections. Gives safety from the basis, feeling good in your grounding and body. Helps you stand up. Physical: relieves itching, wounds, flu, throat and ear infections, hay fever, bronchitis, mouth ulcers, Pfeiffer’s disease, candida, thrush, swollen lymph nodes

90- Rosemary> Non-judgmental, stimulating, inner power, power of manifestation. Rosemary is warming and invigorating. It stimulates and gives you new vitality and chi. Your sensitivity is no longer suppressed by your willpower. Rosemary places you in your inner ‘power’ and helps you manifest. Non-judgment and the courage to let go arises. You can be here! It cleanses you of all freed-up emotions so that everything flows. Physical: Has beneficial effect on headache, depression, flu, anaemia, circulation, kidneys and menstruation.

93- Sage> soothes and purifies. It calms emotions so that answers arise from a state of “Being”, and you don’t identify with pain, stress, sensitivity or emotions which can lead to physical complaints. Physical: Fatigue, relieves tension, strengthens nerves, shaky hands, respiratory tract infections, sweaty hands and feet, PMS, menopause, vaginal fungal infections.

96- Comfrey> Hardening, pain, disillusionment of body and mind, is gentle, flexible and healing. Emotions which have been bottled up for a long time may be released again. Everything that has hardened over time is softened and can flow again. Balances male/female. Gives a deep grounding and makes you flexible, playful and sparkling.

99- Thyme> Take up your own space. Thyme literally gives the feeling of more space. It also relieves tension. Thyme strengthens and invigorates you in times of fatigue and apathy. Neediness and dependency patterns are brought into awareness and transformed. Physically, Thyme supports the nervous stomach and intestine. It helps when you have a cold.

102- Valerian> Valerian has a strong bond with the earth. It makes you flexible and light and opens the heart. It supports you when you are going through processes. It helps you let go and relax. Physical: works calming, relieves tension and stress, helps nervousness, headache, insomnia, migraine and heart problems due to stress. Relieves muscle aches, nerve pain, lumbago, cramp in the intestines.

105- Lady’s mantle> Confidence, safety and security. Lady’s mantle fills the entire belly area with warmth and love. The soft skin of the leaf is symbolic for the deep-seated security of the womb. Lady’s mantle teaches us to be non-judgmental and accept ourselves and others unconditionally. All veils can be removed so that you can be your True Self. Physically, Lady’s mantle supports the hormonal balance. It softens the tissues, skin and has a beneficial effect on digestion.

108- Plantain> Break through old patterns. Plantain connects you to the source. It clarifies your path and helps you to follow it. It gives the courage and perseverance to break through old patterns and behaviours. Plantain helps you to ground and to oversee events without losing yourself in the emotion. Plantain helps you to stop smoking and has a reinforcing influence on the nervous system.

111- Willow> Wisdom and flow. Willow allows everything to flow again, so that things which are no longer important are released. It makes you flexible from your base. It places you in your mastery and lets your child play again. Physically Willow is good for the fluid balance. It has a soothing effect on the head. Is good for fatigued and stressed people.