Organic Tinctures from the Sacred Healing Gardens

The Elohim Sacred Site, self-realization tinctures and visitor gardens are a gift to mankind and meant to bring the highest light in to matter. They activate self-realization, health, mastery, our full potential, oneness and the highest magic.  They also bring you clarity and a widened consciousness about work and life situations.

All the self-realization gardens and tinctures together represent the Initiation path from the Ancient Mystery schools. Each kind supports you in your next initiation step and clears all obstructions. The Sacred Site tinctures correspond with the Cosmic Rays. The gardens and tinctures carry the Golden Age energy, the Mother Earth consciousness and Angels (Lemurian, Elohim) energy. The energies are layered, which means that they resonate with people who just started their spiritual path and with those who are advanced. The self-realization gardens and tinctures bring creation power, inner autonomy, answers and love to help us lift up our lives, community and organizations to the highest state of well-being. The tinctures carry the Sacred energy from the Elohim Sacred gardens to aid the visitors.

Usage of Tinctures

The tinctures come in bottles of 30 milliliter. The tinctures are 100% organic and alcohol based.
The tinctures can be put near you (nightstand, desk, table), worn, or taken orally (between the 3 and 10 drops one to three times a day; use your intuition.
One up to three tinctures can be used at a time. Use each tincture as a personal development step for several months.

List of Elohim bio Tinctures

Base chakra – Kundalini
Mother Earth love, trust, confidence, allowing your emotions, stay on your path, to ground. To stand up in your own power and authority. Embody your multidimensional soul. Embody your creative-divine blueprint.

Sacral chakra – Joy
Find everything in yourself, secure, non-selfish sexuality and relationships. Relation pains, feelings of absence and disappointment will dissolve. Peacefulness, love, feeling whole, and merlin connection appear. You will be able to stay open, and find it easy to stay tolerant in cases when you get rejected and or hurt.

Solar plexus chakra – Full potential
Embody the Golden Age and ‘we-feeling’. Feel the power of your previous lives and ancestors. Healing for your organs and DNA. Pillar of Light from mastery and simplicity. Transcend ego identifications. Sekhmet connection. Embodying the state of Being.

Heart chakra – Willingness
Dissolve your small heart into your universal heart. Anchor higher guidance in the base – solar plexus chakra. Keep a transparent heart in difficult situations. Contribute to society. To integrate learned love in Universal love. Without reservations being open towards different opinions, people and realms.

Throat chakra – over the Rainbow bridge
You will find personal security in clear speaking. Co-creating from autonomy and the Source. Follow inner truth and guidance. Mastery. Find footing in the unknown.

Third eye – Creation power
Establish your highest life’s purpose. Embody co-creation. Courage, detachment, confidence, oversee incarnation purpose. Take responsibility for the environment, the soil, each other and other realms.

Crown chakra – Absolution – Final initiation
Walk your own path from your own base/core. Dissolve fear of judgment. Be one, working together with radiant people. To let go off everything you thought to be, including your mission. Embody true Essence and Divine plan.

Completion of Oneness-consciousness – Eternal self
God-realization, complete enlightenment. Be whole, Goodness, Abundance, primal safety and confidence in all circumstances. Your personality will let go of all projections. Male and female attitude and behavior become androgynous.

Garden of Elves – Inner child
Embody your true nature, crystalline self, vulnerability, high sensitivity and enlightened inner child.

Twin souls of light – Sacred marriage
Develop completeness and non-judgmentalness in yourself and with each other. Self-acceptance, true and complete peace, God-Goddess. Stop reactive emotions and accusations. Stop projecting expectations. Your Higher self and Inner child become one. Male and female unification.

Sekhmet – Hathor – Isis – Horus
Past duality to Oneness and Divine love. Lower self and inner child dissolve in Spiritual fire. Cleansing of judgment and fear. Transformation of influence by others and systems. Willingness to walk the whole path.

Merlin – Merlina
Magic, manifestation power. Mastery, dragon powers, healing and liberation of your inner child. Inner joy, magical child, play with magical light tools.

Forest of Trolls – Freedom
Become one with other realms. Letting go of your thoughts, care-free accept ‘All that is’. Feelings of fear, anxiety and insecurity will dissolve, Low self-esteem, thinking in shortages and comparing will also dissolve. Same goes for collective, genetic and DNA blockades.

Golden mother Earth
Love for yourself, passion, peace, softness, wisdom, sex and love without duality. Enlightenment, shininess, Divine love and joy, healing on personal and collective female adjustments.

Crystalline self – Christ consciousness
Eternal self, I am, enlightenment, crystalline being. No more drowning in sickness, tiredness, headaches, care, emotions and worrying. Cleansing of physical, genetical, DNA, family patterns and karma. Integrity, joy. No more clinging to your little self (ego) and fear. Life from ‘Being’ and Oneness. Unite with the cosmic Christ

Pillar of light, Birth of Golden Age, Sekinah
Co-creating willingness. Embodiment of joy, higher integrity and sacred marriage. New Lemuria, unicorn, paradise, male and female unity. Feel the golden age in your abdomen. Act without forced willpower. Act and work with ease and from the we-feeling. Sensitivity as true power. Integrate the new Earth vibration.

Lemurian Angels – Source love – Oneness
It brings crystal clear and subtle high Angel love in your earthly self. Experience 9 till 12 dimensional, crystalline, Divine love. Transformation of personal emotions, opinions, care or judgment. Enlightened abdomen, relation, heart and inner child area. Creation power and Spirt power from Oneness.

Enlightened sexuality – Co-creation power
Attraction and connection with others from the fullness and core of your true nature. Complete sexuality (beyond each type of behavior, restraints, dependence, desire, or role). Inner peace and become your full potential to be able to manifest and contribute.

Great Pyramid & Ra Initiation
Immortality, beyond sickness. Fully aware in Divines. Pure innocence, higher wisdom, knowledge, love. Power of One, universal Christ. Complete transformation of each selfish thought, feeling or action.

Place of initiation All-mother – Gaia – Christ
Embody your highest purpose and light being. transcend the I-illusion and let go of all that you think you are, in order to pursue the path to God-realization and Surrender. activates your kundalini channel and base chakra with the white Christ-Flame.