Crystal Aura Protector tube

  • Do you sometimes wish you could place yourself inside a protective bubble?
  • Is your mental or physical well-being affected by internal and external influences?
  • Do you (tend to) lose sight of yourself in a crowd?
  • Are you tired of the never-ending stream of thoughts and worries?

Joke ElZiam Nootebos activates the Crystal Aura tubes at Elohim with healing energy and programming to protect against negative influences.

The Crystal Aura Protector tubes protect against:

  • Earth radiation, cosmic radiation, deep Earth load, masts and satellite radiation (as much as possible)
  • Negative energy from water and ley lines
  • Tiredness, illness
  • Entities, aura lifters, astral influences
  • Mood swings, depression, self-judgement
  • Over-stimulation, environmental influences and criticism
  • High sensitivity
  • Radiation equipment: microwave, computer, electromagnetic fields
  • Addictions, (soul) family patterns

The Crystal Aura Protector tube will help you to:

  • Feel lighter, brighter and more powerful
  • Anchor your light bodies and soul
  • Stay grounded and balanced in group situations
  • Protect yourself while you gradually become more open
  • Protect yourself while your sensitivity expands
  • Improve general flow and blood flow
  • Higher ‘health-giving’ body frequencies
  • Restore masculine/feminine balance
  • Deepen your grounding, find more rest, connect with your lower and higher Self
  • Adjust easier and find peace during periods of change
  • Feel connection between your body, mind and your Higher Self
  • Find comfort
  • Become your full potential and the Pillar of Light
  • Open yourself to other realms

How to use your Crystal Aura Protector tube:

  • Hang it around your neck, place it in your bra or pocket. The Crystal tube also works through the night if you put it under your pillow.
  • Meditate with 2 tubes, one in each hand, to harmonize and purify yourself and to balance the masculine and feminine energies in yourself
  • Do not take the crystals out of the tube as this will stop them from working
  • When the tube has absorbed too much, it will break. After this occurs it is very important to buy a new one

Charging your Crystal Aura Protector tube

Remove the screw and cap from your Crystal Aura Protector tube and place it in the sun. Leave it in the sun for at least 3 hours (5 hours in gloomy weather). The crystals will be loaded with prana, life energy.
You should also let the tube hang outside of your clothing (with the cap on) for one hour every day so that the crystals can load in the light.

The Crystal Aura Protector tube is suitable for everyone

Everyone can wear a Crystal Aura Protector tube. However in severe illness, weakness or depression, we recommend that you begin by gradually increasing the length of time that you wear your tube. For example, you may start with just 1 hour and increase this to 3 hours.

When you start wearing your tube, it may feel strange because the healing program is very powerful. It takes 1-5 hours to get used to it. If you are pregnant please seek personal advice.

Receive a 30% discount when purchasing four or more Crystal Aura Protector tubes at once!

New tubes can be ordered online.

Earth radiation in your home

In addition to wearing a Crystal Aura Protector tube, you can consider using an Elohim Crystal Home & Office Healer to suppress any Earth radiation in your surroundings.

Also drinking crystal water after detoxification will help your blood cleanse itself of any waste which can cause headaches and heaviness.

The connection between you and the Earth radiation in your home-work environment

Do you ever wonder what effect the energy of your home and work surroundings has on you? From a spiritual point of view you can ask yourself: Why have you chosen this particular place? Why do things happen the way they do? Why are there specific problems?

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