Crystal Home & Office Healer

The gems in this bottle bring light activation and protection to your aura, home and workplace. They help to protect sensitive people with a new kind of consciousness against astral or dual atmospheres, entities and water/ley lines. Home & Office Healers provide self-healing solutions to radiation complaints. Some effects of radiation include; magnesium deficiency, stress, musculoskeletal problems, articular, back and heart problems, fatigue, cancer, cataracts, anxiety or depression. The Home & Office Healers protects and encourages the true self to bloom. It helps you to stand up and be purposeful.

When the surroundings have a “heavy” energy

When an environment is charged with heavy energy, there is a negative undercurrent in welfare, abundance, relations and work. With this negative energy in your surroundings you cannot explore all of your possibilities and talents, children and animals can become anxious, vulnerable and insecure. The Home & Office Crystal Healer brings light power and creates a positive, radiant and healthy energy. One healer covers an area of about 40 meters in diameter.

Removing the gems from the Crystal Home & Office Healer stops it from working. They are programmed and will load themselves.

30% discount when you buy three or more bottles!