History of the Elohim Sacred Site

In 1989 Joke ElZiam Nootebos started the crystal shop and healing practice “The Gift Stone”. The healing self-realisation gardens, campsite and large main building were not yet in existence. Joke lived in the Happiness building (which is now the group accommodation / hostel). Abundance, the small adjacent building housed the crystal shop. Workshops and healings took place in the attic. Although internet and mobile telephones were hardly in use at the time, word of mouth quickly led to a stream of customers coming from far and wide. Joke started giving courses in energetic  healing and crystal healing and hired graduates. More room for consultations was created by building a small hut in the front garden. A meadow was purchased that was transformed into a parking space.

The Elohim Consciousness, angels, light masters, Gaia and nature spirits

In her work as a crystal therapist, teacher and healer-reader, Joke has always been guided by her collaboration with the Angelic Kingdoms and Mother Earth. In the early days, Joke never dreamed of starting a large healing and self-realisation centre, complete with staff, 30 healing gardens and various accommodations. This evolved during the years, growing rapidly due to new requests from the Angelic Kingdoms and Gaia.

In 1992 Joke bought 2 hectares of land, after which more and more healing gardens and a campsite could soon be created. The higher dimensions and the field of Oneness found an anchor and the Elohim Sacred Site started to form. It attracted increasing numbers of students and guests interested in spiritual growth, consciousness, healing and inner peace.

The Lemurian forest was purchased in 2016, just shortly after the neighbour’s property in 2015. As of then, the Elohim community started to grow, as staff members took up residence at the sacred site.

To this day, new healing gardens are formed by request from Gaia or the Metaphysical dimensions. Occasionally log cabins are added and mobile homes are purchased to provide more residences and and holiday accommodation.


Because of the thousands of consultations and workshops that Joke gave in collaboration with the Higher Dimensions, a lot of heavy energy from ancient and more recent periods of oppression, darkness and duality, was purified.

Ultimately, the Light not only spiraled from the Higher Dimensions into the Sacred Site, but also upwards from Gaia / Mother Earth. This light (also known as Sekinah) is intended to purify humanity and the earth from the old history of pain so that we can live in a state of wholeness, oneness, inner peace and deep-seated security. A new non-dual Humanity and society is already emerging at the sacred site and it will expand elsewhere through the human and ley line connections.

It turned out to be the mission that her life revolves around

With a great deal of trust, dedication and passion, Joke works with her team to expand consciousness in the Netherlands, Belgium and worldwide. Joke and the team continually attune to the highest intention of the sacred site and all of its different aspects (healing gardens, crystal shop, workshops, accommodations). She unceasingly follows the Divine Flow despite of all the forces that oppose(d) her. After her process of enlightenment, she made her gardens and former house available to students and other visitors, so that they could stay together in the energy of the sacred site. Her former home became the group accommodation and hostel “Happiness”.

At that point a large spiralling vortex formed up high in the dimensional spheres and deep in the earth, as well as in the new main building. The old crystal shop became a staff house. Over the years, all of the healing gardens became ley centres, whose gentle  and loving light is tangible and clearly felt.

The life energy and light power of the Power Place fluctuates between the 18000-35000 Bovis units

Due to the many intensive healing workshops and the thousands of sessions that Joke has given, the Divine Source energy has anchored itself deeply at the Elohim sacred site. All this would not have been possible without her team, who also strengthen the Divine energy and Light Power of the sacred site.

The life energy value of the sacred site fluctuates between 18000 and 35000 on the Bovis scale (the national average is 4000-7000). This means that visitors can open themselves further in the light of their souls and receive more life energy (prana).

The light vortex of the Elohim sacred site constantly purifies shadow thoughts and feelings

The light from the sacred site constantly uplifts you into your soul, crystalline self and Divine essence. All Realms, dimensions, the self-realisation path, the unity with Gaia and natural beings, are anchored at the sacred site, deep in the world of matter and duality. As a result, unwanted (relationship) patterns, imbalance, illness or toxic energy can be released from the cells, after which a soft healing, loving field descends into the cells. The sacred site is intended for individual and planetary enlightment. It is unique in the world and has inter-dimensional and international connections to people, star beings and  sacred sites which also vibrate in Oneness.

How healing gardens open spontaneously and start flowing like a ley center

More and more people nowadays build energy, elves, trolls and chakra gardens, inspired by their ideas and heart. However, the Elohim gardens were created by the Angelic Kingdoms in Oneness with Gaia and Joke as the “channel”.
In some moments, suddenly a fantastic vortex of healing energy channels through Joke. The earth and the sky open at such a moment and one of the healing gardens is created on the spot where Joke is walking or watching. Her etheric nervous system and kundalini channel are so strongly charged in order to transport the energy, that Joke needs a long time to recover afterwards. The spontaneously activated meridian lines of the stars that penetrate deep into the healing garden change the energy to the specific frequency that the Upper World and Gaia want to anchor in the healing garden that is created.

Joke hears the name of the garden and what he does for the visitors

This is how the information about the gardens was created. During the emergence of a new healing garden, the underground earth ray network and water system changes direction and frequency and forms a ley center at that location. This ley center cooperates with nature spirits and other beings. Some years after this first creation the energy revolves fully independent around its own center. A ley line center and energy vortex is formed, which did not exist before the first activation. This ley center is also a phenomenon measurable with a pendulum or the divining rod.

An independent energy vortex is usually not the case with the landscaped chakra gardens. Such a phenomenon does not arise through man, but through the Higher Dimensions and Gaia-Christ energy. The Elohim healing garden also keeps the star lines and the high frequency light active in the earth, so that visitors can spontaneously experience healing, insight or purification.

Angels and natural beings protect and reinforce the newly created place and once a year a group activation is given in each garden, whereby Divine Source energy increases the frequency to what is needed for the latest developments of the visitors and the planet.

Receive healing from nature and the sacred site during your stay

During a stay at the Elohim sacred site you will naturally open and feel calmer, more spacious and happier. When you are sensitive you will experience more grounding, acknowledgement and inner strength. If your strength is one of the traits that is mainly on the foreground, your sensitivity and intuitive abilities will open more. Nature spirits start to resonate with your sensitive feelings and frequencies. If you are already more open, also to experience the subtle energy spheres, you sometimes receive spontaneous insights and healings from angels, ascended masters and nature spirits in the gardens. Your subtle sensitive appearance resonates with the refined frequency that they have. That makes them enjoy being with you!

Crystal shop with opened and activated gems, bio tinctures and reading advice

Each healing garden also has a bio tincture which empowers it’s qualities and can be used after a visit to the garden, or when visiting isn’t possible. The geometric shapes that are activated by Joke also have an enormous healing potential and can be purchased in the gem shop or online.. Would you like to know if there is a product that can support you? Ask in the store for a 5-minute free reading advice.

For all products see the webshop: www.elohim-edelstenen.nl

What happens when you return home after a stay?

If you come not only for your peace or nature, but also for your self-realization path, then know that this is a road that requires a more frequent stay, followed by possible workshops and personal coaching. In the healing gardens or during workshops and sessions, your energetic system and aura experience who you really are. If your old life, the certainties and your regular self are swallowing you up again, it may be time for a new visit to the Elohim sacred site, possibly with a personal session or workshop, to reactivate your light and true being. To permanently experience and embody your light at home, the Elohim team can assist you with customized advice and coaching. Feel free to ask.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a nice self-realization process!

The Elohim team