Profound initiation spot

The Elohim Sacred Site and self-realisation gardens activate the multidimensional full potential, the true self and the new time on Earth.

From the outside, this place looks like a ‘normal’ visitors centre with gardens, however, it’s amazing how much support it brings me on my path to enlightenment. If I tune in to the energy of the self-realisation gardens, I can feel how profound the initiations are for each individual garden. So many layers, such a huge amount of energetic information. This information percolates your system at exactly the right speed for you. Every time I go into the healing gardens, I can feel the energy enter my system in a different way and bring other changes.

When I tune into the power place it feels really unbelievable

Its as if somebody placed a blueprint at the Elohim site that shows the development of human beings. One by one, we can pick up the pieces and return to our original state of being. Each healing garden feels like one ‘chapter’ of the complete guide to your inner development. Together they bring you to the fully embodied state of enlightenment and God Realisation.
It seems like it’s just the beginning of what this place offers mankind!
The crystal, nature and star lines anchor the information in you. The intelligence of the Elohim Sacred Site also helps to create the new Earth, the unity of all empires and the great evolutionary plan. I’m still not able sense all of these things in my body, like Joke, but “I just know it”.