Take part in the awakening

Many are called and many will flow to the Elohim Centre to take part in the Crystalline Golden Age awakening and serving process.

The Elohim Centre is a unique school of self-realisation and world power point. At the Elohim Sacred Site the cosmic electrifying (awareness, spiritual) forces come together with the divine, magnetic Love forces.

The feminine Sekinah-Shakti Love rises from the Earth on the Elohim power place. It flows upwards from the ground into your body, which is very unique. The gentle, loving energy is almost palpable and flows directly into your cells and belly area. She brings you gentleness, love, comfort and inner security for your most vulnerable layers. It makes it easier for you to surrender to your Awakening process.

Her opposite is the electrifying and inspiring Divine Flow that streams through us from top to bottom. It brings us cosmic knowledge, inspiration and power and lift your ego to the Divine Self. At the Elohim Centre, these two opposite energies come together. Together they are very powerful and nourish the sacred relationship between the source and your daily reality of feelings, behaviour and emotions.


Openness, purity and showing your vulnerability

“Me” and “mine” shifts to “we” and “ours”. The state of Unity and “we-feeling” transforms our thoughts and actions, helping to maintain the sacred Oneness energy which is tangible at the Elohim Centre. This energy makes it easier to feel inner security and surrendering. The team and visitors receive healing from the ultimate Cosmic male and female energy, this penetrates their cells, karma, DNA, inner child and accelerates the transformation of old patterns. After this purification our highest light can radiate and our mission can be completed!