The meaning of Elohim Angels and the 13 dimensions

The great and mighty Elohim Angels work with the Power of Oneness. These Powers are anchored in the Elohim Sacred Site, self-realisation gardens and university.
They keep opposing forces working together in unity: dark and light, male and female, cosmic and earthly, angel and man, spiritual and sexual, physical and ideological. They also bring us the consciousness of being Creators. The Elohim Sacred Site has a 12-fold consciousness, superseded by the 13th dimension – infinite All-bound Love (Christos).

The time that you spend at Elohim, expands your consciousness, heart and creative power. As people visit this power place and Sacred Site, they contribute to the awakening of humanity and the new Earth.
The Elohim Consciousness is like a sphere that covers this Sacred Site. It forms heart connections between people. It creates Oneness with nature, light beings, realms and our own 13-fold original Self.

Elohim energy is difficult to explain, but easy to feel. You will be touched by it whether you like it or not!

The Elohim Angels help visitors and online followers to open their universal Consciousness, Love, Joy and mission. Visitors can become Pillars of Light / light workers when their highest states are activated by the Elohim Angels. Visitors and followers learn to work with Archangels, Light Beings, Nature Spirits and Elohim Angels to contribute to the great Cosmic Plan. They become highly energetic and mentally recharged by the Elohim Consciousness.

Nostalgia for the Source

Through our own purification and inner wisdom, we finally return to our original essence, unity and goodness. Most people feel a deep sense of nostalgia towards their True Nature, the source of Love. Deep down, we know that the whole world (including our relations) could live together in goodness. From our Elohim angelic state, we know the power of Love and the power of Oneness.
The Elohim Centre attracts people who want to find the treasure inside themselves. People who don’t expect to find it in new relationships, jobs or homes.