The experienced Elohim Master-Healer-Reader-Coaches work together with your true Essence and the metaphysical realm to get to the core of your problem or question. Of great added value is that the healing flow also comes from the Elohim Sacred Site, Mother Earth and nature and that the Elohim healers and coaches have gone through a profound path of personal growth and experience.

During each session, our Elohim Master-Healer-Reader-Coaches work on all layers at the same time: the symptom, the root and initial cause of a problem, the many lifetimes, soul groups and ancestral programmes. The focus is simultaneously on your body, soul and true self. The multidimensional approach means that  fewer sessions are needed.

The current spirit of the times brings all that was hidden away to the surface

The patterns within the body, soul groups, relationships and family aura, which have arisen during many past lifetimes and are now causing stagnation, have the opportunity to come to the surface. This can happen because you are ready to heal yourself and to transform your situation.

All kinds of themes may be addressed, ranging from health problems, the relationship with yourself or your partner, life-situations, choices, uncertainties, highly sensitive children, to self-realization and enlightenment.

Examples of healing/reading themes are:

  • Love, money, grounding
  • Relationships, sexuality, soul partners
  • Work and life direction, soul purpose, meaning of life
  • Memory, dizzy, ascension symptoms
  • Burnout, anxiety, fatigue versus Light power
  • Awakening, enlightenment, God realization, full potential, true Self
  • Energy and purification of the home and surrounding area
  • Family, children and upbringing

Elohim Master Healer-Reader-Coaches are exceptional healers

They have deep-rooted knowledge and personal experience with all these layers and patterns. Thanks to the in-depth Elohim healing reading courses, they have already intergrated a large part of their Original healing Love Light and Consciousness. Strong forces, vulnerability and simplicity penetrate their lower chakras and make them powerful, pure and healing channels for the client.

Therapists, healers, coaches, spiritual teachers and managers (leaders) with questions often consult the Elohim team to really get to the core of matter and to receive deep-seated advice, healing and support.

Some of our healers-reader-coaches work long-distance as well as live, and also speak English or German.

It’s easy to make an appointment

Use our contact form to get in touch with us, or give us a call at: +31 (0)597 541 539 during working hours
(Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00 – 12.00 a.m. and 13.00 – 17.00 p.m.)

Breakthrough arrangement

Do you want to alter some aspect of your behaviour, change something deeply or experience a breakthrough and profound transformation? Do you have the courage and faith to “leap”?
If that’s the case, a multi-day healing-reading-arrangement at the Elohim Sacred Site is meant for you!
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