Breakthrough arrangement

Do you want to alter an aspect of your behaviour, change something deeply or experience a breakthrough and profound transformation? Do you have the courage to take a leap of faith?
If that’s the case, then a multi-day healing-reading-arrangement is for you!  Step out of the matrix of your daily life into a safe environment where you’ll get all the personal support and care you need.

Perfect fit

We’ll help you choose the healer-reader who is most suited to you. On each of the two or three consecutive days, you’ll receive a consult of 50 to 60 minutes. All of the healer-readers work closely as a team and are conscious of each other’s qualities. They can read/feel who is best for you. That means that all of the Elohim specialities work perfectly together for your highest good. On the last day, there is a short consultation with tips and advice to enforce what you’ve received and learnt, and to talk about how you can proceed.


The Multidimensional Master healers work at many levels, including physical, emotional, spiritual, cosmic, soul group, past life and DNA layers. They address your original essence, crystalline self, inner child, light body and the primal, most far away (previous life) causes, usually in attunement with the soul’s purpose. The master healer- reader-coach draws upon all of these aspects to really go to the root of your question or situation. Everything is approached from a wider perspective so that your whole Being is recognised. Healing energy and information pass from your higher soul and essence through the chakras, the physical and/or practical situation and back. The effects of the healing-reading or coaching can be felt in the oncoming days or months.

You can choose for a 2 or 3 day arrangement:

Booking includes:

  • 3 individual sessions (60 mins)
  • 1 final consultation (15 mins)
  • 2 night at hostel or camping
  • 2 x organic vegetarian breakfast
  • 2 x organic vegetarian lunch
  • 2 x organic vegetarian dinner
  • 3 days complete access to the healing gardens and Sacred Site
  • Organic coffee and tea at Happiness Hostel (unlimited)

Price approx. 475 euro

Booking includes:

  • 2 individual sessions (60 mins)
  • 1 final consultation (15 mins)
  • 1 night at hostel or camping
  • 1 x organic vegetarian breakfast
  • 1 x organic vegetarian lunch
  • 1 x organic vegetarian dinner
  • 2 days complete access to the healing gardens and Sacred Site
  • Organic coffee and tea at Happiness Hostel (unlimited)

Price approx. 290 euro

Working as Channel for the Source

In all of the Elohim trainings, workshops, sessions and satsangs, you will be connected to your multi-dimensional soul components and the deep, warm, Oneness with Golden Mother Earth, the Original Mother and the Source. Many light beings, Elohims, Angels, Archangels, Divine Beings, Merlin, Pan and other Nature spirits open your wholeness, gentleness, consciousness of Universal Love, creative power and your heart, with love and respect for yourself. Godly Powers of Creation activate your cells and DNA with the help of Heavenly and Earthly Dragon Powers, the four Wind directions, the 5 elements, Nature spirits and Crystal Beings.In this Pure Energy, you are freed of restrictive bonds, karmic ties and blockages. Repetitive loops, relational and physical problems, negative astral influences and behavioural triggers, including those of your soul group are, where possible, transmuted to their original form and filled with the light of universal love. This leads to a big breakthrough, activates your life purpose, Awakening process and the Golden Reconnection with your True Nature.


“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful time in “faraway” Groningen. I really felt the benefits of my stay with you, particularly the healing sessions with Marlisa. It was also amazing to meet so many lovely people with whom I felt really at home. I went home feeling really strong…”

“I did the breakthrough arrangement. The time spent in the healing gardens and the healing-reading sessions opened me up. I feel more gentle, loving and centered. The food was delicious, sleeping accommodation fine, and the assortment in the crystal shop amazing. It’s a wonderful place to stay. Everything is perfectly aligned when you have consultations on three days. Things fell into place. Each healer has their own specific talents. It’s quite pricy but that’s because the quality is high. I’ll certainly come back. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the wonderful arrangement. It’s helped me enormously. The approach of the various healers worked really well for me. I felt a lot stronger after the arrangement, have a lot more energy and feel more trust. A mega thank you! You are champions!”