Love & Manifestation set

Using both spheres together as a set, will give huge momentum to your Krachtset seleniet en calcietdevelopment. You will be on your way to Divine Universal Love and Creativity. Your Divine Essence is one with your personal life and you’ll be completely at peace, harmonised and balanced!
No longer do you manifest and create out of will or duty but powerfully from a calm state of your true being.

Divine creative power
The Orange Calcite Sphere is programmed and activated by Joke ELZiam Nootebos with the highest Oneness consciousness. The sphere radiates warmth and generates creatively. It transforms you from someone who procrastinates, is uncertain or believes in impossibilities to someone who sees opportunities, is driven and has creative power. Orange Calcite inspires and lifts you noticeably up.

  • Do you want to feel the warmth of your divinity inside yourself
  • Do you want to transform your tendency to see obstacles instead of possibilities?
  • Are you seeking true inspiration and creativity?
  • Do you want to experience Oneness consciousness?

Orange Calcite sphere
Weight: approx. 600 gram
Size: Ø approx. 5 to 6 cm
Incl. wooden ring stand

Sekinah energy
This Selenite sphere is programmed and activated by Joke ElZiam Nootebos with the Sekinah energy, the Divine Mother energy, the carrier of softness of the Lemurian grid.
Sekinah gives a profound and nurturing love, a very strong feeling of protection and security. Whatever happens around you, your inner child and crystalline self slowly feel much safer. Your full potential, Life Task and Essence can descend and find expression.

You make a shift from head to belly and create and manifest with power. No longer will you operate from your duties, wants and expectations of others, but from your loving nature and pure state of being.

  • Do you want to life your full potential?
  • Are you having troubels with expressing your self
  • Are you looking for a way to create and manifest with power?
  • Do you want to be embraced and filled with the nurturing Divine Mother energy?
  • Are you tired of adapting all the time?

Selenite sphere
Weight: approx. 400 gram
Size: Ø approx. 5 to 6 cm
Incl. wooden ring stand