Sacral Chakra – Joy Garden

The Sacral chakra – or joy chakra – healing garden anchors the highest love and creation power to the sacral portal of your genitals. You feel strong and secure in your relations. There will be no more room for your ego. When the Sacral chakra functions to its full potential, there comes great joy and happiness. You become emotionally stable and will no longer feel the urge to fight or withdraw. Your Source, heart and Sacral chakra will align and fuse together.

Do you recognize the following feelings?

  • Do you ever feel jealous? Do you feel secure and nurtured on a deep level?
  • Do you feel enough love and warmth for yourself? Would you like to have a stronger connection with your inner child?
  • Do you have a fear of commitment, abandonment, sexual and relational inhibitions or control issues?
  • Do you feel that you are too sensitive or perhaps not sensitive enough? Are you too emotional?
  • Do your worries stop you from enjoying life? Do they make you feel dry or tired and stop you from attracting fulfilling relationships?
  • Do you often think everything is your fault?

Elohim chakra garden and tincture will bring the following:

  • Anchoring highest love and creation power to the sacral portal of your genitals
  • Discovering what is within yourself, feeling secure, exploring sexuality and relationships without ego
  • Removal of relationship pain, longing, disappointment and karmic ties
  • Strengthening of your calm, loving, whole, joyful, Merlin and magical child connection
  • Fighting, pushing and pulling in relationships dissolves
  • You experience the magic of life, your dreams and your magical child and think less
  • You can sense, feel and sympathise more and in return your feelings are more nurtured
  • Enlightenment, mission and creation power within the second chakra are strenghtened
  • Your Source, heart and second chakra fuse together giving a mild, gentle, noble, warm we-feeling of openness

Physical and mental effects

  • Emotional stability replaces self-protection and mental blocking
  • lower back, sexual issues, lower organs, lymph’s, hips, intestines, genitals ands menstruation pain
  • You are light-hearted, crystalline and becoming a Lemuric Angelic Human

Want to empower this energy at home?

The Elohim products are activated with the energy of the universal heart, unconditional love, Oneness, the heart of Mother Earth to bring multi-dimensional qualities for your healing journey. The products encourage you to take the next step on your path, bringing you exactly what you need. They wake what needs to be awakened. Everything is done in divine timing, through free will, love and inspiration.