Sekhmet – Hathor – Isis – Horus

The Sekmet – Hathor – Isis – Horus garden brings cosmic inspiration, healing Gifts, light to your crystalline self, the Christ-power, goodness and a greater insight/overview of your evolutionary path.

Do you recognize the following feelings?

  • Do you already have a long path of spiritual development behind you? Are you working towards self-realisation but finding that your light fades slightly when faced with relationship or sexual problems?
  • Are feelings of anger, sorrow, financial insecurity, family troubles or work/health concerns causing your inner strength to weaken?
  • Do you feel that you are destined to travel the whole (Initiation) path and to live from your enlightened state?
  • Does your mind take over when you are worried?
  • Do you long for permanent, true self-mastery? Do you desire cosmic inspiration and guidance?

Elohim chakra garden and tincture will bring the following:

  • Transform unconscious (collective) karmic patterns in your DNA, genetics, behaviours and old conditionings
  • Transform fears relating to authority, personal will, emotion, dual inner child, addiction, attachment to money and matter, (self)judgments, overthinking, dominance and feelings of dependency
  • Purify your blood, bones and joints
  • Stop fearing the influence of others, organisations, radiation and spheres
  • Bring on enlightened insights, relationships and sexuality
  • Find your way past personal I-duality with yourself and your environment to enlightenment
  • Your choices and desires will no longer be based on something or someone outside of yourself
  • Become willing to travel the whole path of purification without holding anything back or needing a safety guarantee/support
  • Embody a spiritual and selfless life
  • Dismantle ego-roles, attitudes, desires or dependent relationships
  • Develop connected (enlightened) relationships and work situations
  • Don’t let your own source-core-truth and inner authority become snowed under
  • Embody Universal Divine LOVE in your behaviour and feeling
  • Balance your magical and crystalline inner child, innocence and purity with your inner adult self
  • Live for energy-work, love-work and contribution to humanity

Physical and mental effects

  • Improves the blood circulation, also helps with anaemia
  • Healing with neck and headaches and lower chakras

Want to empower this energy at home?

The Elohim products are activated with the energy of the universal heart, unconditional love, Oneness, the heart of Mother Earth to bring multi-dimensional qualities for your healing journey. The products encourage you to take the next step on your path, bringing you exactly what you need. They wake what needs to be awakened. Everything is done in divine timing, through free will, love and inspiration.