Lemurian Angels – Love Source – Oneness

The healing power of the Lemurian Angels lifts you up into your Diamond Light, giving you a greater view of your Source and activating the enlightened state of your heart. It helps you when you are going through hardships and when you are unhappy. The Lemurian Angels bring you soft, warm Love from the highest Divine Source which helps you with your relationships. They connect you to the Deva’s and assist you in finding Oneness with other Enlightened Beings. Their light power helps you to come out of your head and into your body, developing feelings of happiness, creativity, positivity and clear communication with nature. You start living from your Oneness-consciousness.

Do you recognize the following feelings?

  • Are you going through hardship? Does your heart feel locked?
  • Can you be narrow minded sometimes?
  • Do you often feel unhappy?
  • Do you have troublesome relationships?
  • Do you want to live from Oneness-consciousness?

Elohim chakra garden and tincture will bring the following:

  • Develop a softness and detach from ego-identifications
  • Activate your own angelic consciousness and Light being
  • Bring pure, high angelic love to your Earthly self
  • Enlighten your body, spirit, heart and crystalline self
  • Feel the 9-12 Dimensional, crystalline light
  • Transform any feelings, emotions, opinions, worries or (self)judgements related to separateness
  • Achieve enlightened sacral, heart, relations and inner child areas
  • Feel the creation power, higher Divine consciousness, spirit power from unity co-creation and connection with Mother Earth, elves and nature
  • Transcend the ‘small’ life and live your dream
  • Rely on your gentle femininity
  • Feel happy

Physical and mental effects

  • Support Prana, much more light and life energy in the body
  • Kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, jaw and molars let go of old problems

Want to empower this energy at home?

The Elohim products are activated with the energy of the universal heart, unconditional love, Oneness, the heart of Mother Earth to bring multi-dimensional qualities for your healing journey. The products encourage you to take the next step on your path, bringing you exactly what you need. They wake what needs to be awakened. Everything is done in divine timing, through free will, love and inspiration.