Completion Oneness-Consciousness – Eternal Self

The Completion Oneness-Consciousness garden shifts your focus from the I-core to the I AM: your state of Oneness and enlightenment. This brings a lot of personal growth and change. You start living in the here and now, from surrender and peace and you accept everything that comes and goes. You no longer think in terms of what’s wanted/not wanted, right/wrong. This doesn’t mean that your personality does not set boundaries or that you will not be able to stand up for yourself if something bad happens, it means that from your heart – the focal point of your true self – you are aware of your personality. You are present in the now and stop looking into the past. You become emotionally stable and you feel with your soul what you do and don’t want to do (anymore). You finally start to follow what you feel is right.

Do you recognize the following feelings?

  • Are you tired of feeling that there are invisible energy shortages in and around you?
  • Are you sick of external projections? Are you too focused?
  • Do you want to feel whole again?
  • Are you waiting too much?
  • Do you want to end the cycle of rebirth?

Elohim chakra garden and tincture will bring the following:

  • Pure, integral, sincere, open, naked, innocence and the ability to speak out
  • God-realisation, full enlightenment throughout all chakras
  • Wholeness, goodness, abundance
  • Primal safety and trust under all circumstances
  • Your personality lets go of all projections
  • Male and female attitudes and behaviours become androgynous
  • Become free of (karmic pain from) past and wheel of reincarnation
  • Stop thinking in terms of lack e.g. in money and emotional issues
  • Your personality becomes I Am with the highest Truth
  • Mind-shift from control to self(ego)lessness
  • Church lives, old, power(less) feelings and attitudes come down
  • Sexual, emotional, relational and material enlightenment occurs
  • Learn to experience the world from your infinite-eternal body
  • Resonate with future and past changes but let your Being be filled in the here and now
  • Your consciousness transcends “me and the other(s)”
  • Peace, embodied Angel, gratitude and Surrender arise
  • Time pressures dissolve into core peace

Physical and mental effects

  • Collective matrices and old lives emerge physically in every way
  • Healing and purification are necessary at this stage in order to prevent disease, anxiety, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed

Want to empower this energy at home?

The Elohim products are activated with the energy of the universal heart, unconditional love, Oneness, the heart of Mother Earth to bring multi-dimensional qualities for your healing journey. The products encourage you to take the next step on your path, bringing you exactly what you need. They wake what needs to be awakened. Everything is done in divine timing, through free will, love and inspiration.