Open space in the Lemurian Forest

Do you feel drawn to this open space?

In the sacred glade you can pause and experience your true Self, your wholeness, enlightenment and peace. You can become aware of the silence within yourself and in the whole forest. You may even feel your eternal Self. You can rest well, in the sacred Oneness of the glade and your true Self. Here you can sit and receive further initiation codes, and let go of all that you think you are (as I-ego). Your original Divine Essence then has to enter your behavior. This is a choice; it doesn’t happen automatically. Eventually you proceed on your way, with or without having made a decision. A decision and focus to make dissolving the subtle ego and the last remaining I-core your highest desire, so you can go beyond the ego illusion in abdomen and base and open yourself to God-realization and Surrender.

Or ….. , you make a decision to continue your life path in the field of repetitive loops and soul friends, as a cosmically conscious, Pillar of Light Master (but not yet without ego). Whatever the case, this path will provide you with many codes to dissolve the shadows from your solar plexus, masks and attitudes. Your Higher Self anchors deeper into your abdomen and body.

With every new visit you recieve new lightcodes
for more extended images and insights about where you are in your life and whether it is consistent with your path and mission. Ego issues, side roads and patterns of habit become gradually clearer. At the end of the path you receive the first initiation codes to help you stand out from the crowd and speak the truth fearlessly. Then the Christ Codes open and slowly dissolve the core of your ego into selfless we-effort, thinking and feeling. Step by step they integrate into your conduct, your chakras, your desire bodies and actions. The path and process towards God Realization, to permanently embodied goodness without ‘giveaway’ state and to oneness with nature, reveals itself.

Want to empower this energy at home?

The Elohim products are activated with the energy of the universal heart, unconditional love, Oneness, the heart of Mother Earth to bring multi-dimensional qualities for your healing journey. The products encourage you to take the next step on your path, bringing you exactly what you need. They wake what needs to be awakened. Everything is done in divine timing, through free will, love and inspiration.