Sunstone sphere – Gaia Christ

Superb Sunstone spheres, programmed by Joke and the Light World to manifest the Paradise, Lemurian, new Earth energy.

The Sunstone sphere overflows with Love. Your heart opens to receive this unconditional love and to feel it in all of your cells. A deep connection with Mother Earth ensues and you effortlessly drop down into your lower abdomen, which helps you become quieter in your head and to live in a paradisiac state of being.

The powerful energy of Christ consciousness anchored on the Sunstone gemstone sphere helps you and your environment to transcend the ego illusion. Your heart opens to an intense, warm and loving connection and collaboration with the Earth Mother, the devas, nature spirits and All That Is. This beautiful energy also flows in the surroundings of ​​the sunstone sphere.

Your Divine-Spark Love merges with your body and opens the paradise matrix in yourself and your life. Gaia Christ-Surrender and God-realization open in your 1st and 2nd chakra. You raise mass consciousness and your doubts to a higher level of Lemurian Oneness. A sense of caring for all visible and invisible beings expands in you and your environment. You experience warm connections with others.

The gentle, mystical willingness to serve of the Unicorn consciousness is anchored on the Sunstone globe.

The Unicorn awareness encourages innocence and egoless, higher purity to develop in you and your environment as a gift and we-force for the new society. It helps your inner child to reach it’s enlightened state and to stop feeling defensive, withdrawn, anxious or unsafe. The Unicorn awareness gives support to you as a new age, subtle or crystalline sensitive person. Your highest light being, soul and earthly self are no longer distanced from each other, but become one within your body. Thereafter you operate from a huge, conscious, stable and loving we-energy and co-create with enjoyment. Things comes to you, just like in the new paradise!