Multidimensional healing gardens

At the Elohim sacred site we have created 30 uniquely tuned healing gardens, each with its own energy system. Nature Spirits and Angels assist visitors in various, extraordinary ways. Visitors can experience healings, visions, energies, intense contact with nature and much more. After every visit, you will feel the healing energies accompany you home and positively effect your life.

A Healer-Reader as guide, gives you an amazing opportunity to discover yourself, our centre and the Sacred Site as our ’temple of dedication’ on deeper levels. After the guided tour (taking 45 mins) you’re free to discover the Multi-Dimensional Healing Gardens on your own. Every garden is provided by informationsigns that will let you know what kind of energy you find there or to what deeper process it is related.

Ask for a guided tour with a Healer Reader in our contact form.

Enjoy your stay in one of our accommodations

Staying at our centre is a wonderful opportunity to spend more time in the spiritual gardens and experience the energy on deeper levels and dimensions.

Dinner at the Sacred Site

A breakthrough arrangement for a complete experience

Do you want to break out of a behavioural pattern, change something deeply or experience a breakthrough and profound transformation? Stay overnight at the Elohim sacred site and allow us to arrange a multi-day healing-reading-arrangement just for you.

Silent retreat at the Sacred Site

Time to really get in touch with yourself? Consider a retreat at the Elohim Sacred Site!

A silent retreat at the Elohim Sacred Site in the Netherlands: Discover Inner Peace, Inner Space and Wholeness, and let go of your worries. The combination of nature and silence brings you closer to your Essence.