Elohim Spiritual Shop

Welcome to our spiritual gemstoneshop (75 m²) with different kind of stones, crystals and tinctures, that help you with physical wellbeing, relationships, spiritual development, self realisation and the development of your full potential. The Elohim Gemstones™ have an enhanced spiritual effect as a result of being ‘opened’ in a multidimensional way.  The energy of the Sacred Site is reflected in the crystals, which makes them unique.

You can visit our shop after an eased walk in our

Healing Gardens.

Being in the spiritual shop is a sacred experience for our guest but also for our teammembers. Our shop is mostly visisted by our guests (Elohim Hostel, Holiday residences and campsite) and by visitors of the Multidimensional Gardens and the Sacred Site.
We also offer you a special solution to feel the spiritual power and positive energy that lives in The Elohim Gemstones™ by ordering them online in our webshop.