Silent Retreat

What does your life and inner world look like, in contact with others and at your work? During a retreat, you’ll notice that social and “I” background noise becomes weaker, making space for your true Self. You become deeply aware of how that feels so that, at home, you can recognise and recover it in those moments when you are too identified with your “I” and your surroundings. Allow yourself to feel how simple and wonderful it is to be your true nature. During your stay, your senses amplify and your Divineness, soul, feelings and consciousness open more and more. You feel safer with the nature spirits than with people and become increasingly receptive. In your daily environment you’ll be a lot less open, so enjoy the experience and really feel how it is to operate purely from your multidimensional soul, Crystalline self and your Angel.


In becoming your own Divine essence, you automatically experience oneness with the true being of nature. This falling into oneness is the realisation or enlightening process which happens much more readily at the multidimensional Elohim Sacred site than at other beautiful, quiet places in nature. It happens here because of the anchored powers for individual and planetary enlightenment and oneness with nature. The purpose of the Elohim Sacred Site is tangibly supported by angels and nature devas. They help you become more sensitive so that your whole organism opens up and the differences between within and without disappear. You realize at the deepest level Who you really Are: not the I but Oneness with Everything!

The simple act of ‘Being’ can only settle in your body if you are not distracted by ideas, feelings, needs, work activities, background noise and all of the voices in your head. The stillness of a natural environment is a great way of focussing your attention on an unchanging and neutral point of silence within yourself so that you are better equipped to access this in your “role” in the busy outside world.

Booking a silent retreat includes one intake consultation and one final consultation with one of our master healer-readers.

What happens when you return home?

For most people, a part of the activations which you receive during your visit to the Sacred Site and Healing Gardens will be permanent. Each time you come here, you become more transparent and more yourself. The path to self-realization and permanent embodiment of universal consciousness requires that your soul components are healed and that deep purification takes place. That enables you to start living with more awareness of your body, your state of Being and Oneness. Your mind becomes disengaged.

Choose your Accommodation:

For your silent retreat you can choose out of all kinds of accommodations. View our accomodation options here.