Manifesting Prosperity Together 


The Elohim Centre is situated on ley lines that amplify our innate connection to the earth, our higher selves and Divine spark. The Elohim Angels work through the sacred site to reconnect us with our true selves and soul purpose, lifting us from egocentric individualism to collective consciousness. 

Much like streams flow into rivers, the sacred site brings together the talents and gifts of individuals to work towards a shared goal and vision for the future. Our community works and lives as a collective, in oneness with both each other and our natural and spiritual surroundings. And much like rivers flow to the sea, through working and living in collective consciousness, our community has a direct impact on the greater collective consciousness of the World.

Elohim community members all share the same goals:

  • To find and live their life purposes
  • To walk the path of Self-Realisation
  • To develop their talents and communicate openly from the sensitive soul during daily life
  • To live happily together in Oneness with Mother Earth, the Nature Spirits and the cosmic Light Beings
  • To shift from ‘I’ to ‘we’ which intensifies Oneness


We believe that when an organisation is actively involved in contributing to society and in coaching it’s employees in finding Oneness, developing talents and passion in their work, those employees and volunteers will happily serve that organisation with heart and soul. The Elohim organisation, which uses this strategy, become surrounded by a dynamic, productive sphere of efficiency, self-development, enjoyment, universal support, abundance and equality. Only ‘we’ organisations that want to take care of Mother Earth and society can survive because having this purpose will attract an enormous power.

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At the Elohim Centre we don’t focus any energy on the ‘impossibilities’, but give our attention to the possibilities. Every employee plays a role in running our company by sharing responsibilities. We find that this produces inspiration, creative power, openness and Oneness. Concerns for the group, for Mother Earth and work become more important than the self, external drama and personal gain. During this process, negative impressions left by authoritative figures in the past are broken down by development of the inner authority.

Although we value money, at Elohim working for money is not the sole purpose. Money and other matters will flow effortlessly into our life when we work from the heart.


At Elohim, jobs are shaped around the talents of each person. Our volunteers and employees are invited to develop leadership roles for themselves. Together with their creative skills, they empower the Elohim Centre, they create a new form of work-home community and provide a leading example to the rest of the world.