Elohim community and spiritual centre

Giving Birth to a New World

At the Elohim Centre, staff and volunteers are given the opportunity to work towards a new society as their own process takes them in the direction of awakening. As soon as one’s sense of ‘me’ expands to internal and external oneness, one develops permanent inner joy, honest and open communication, kindness and gratitude arising from their own true nature. By growing and expanding one’s consciousness, one can contribute to an enlightened society with non-dual conflict solutions and a ‘we’ feeling.

Together we are creating our own environment by choosing to work and live at Elohim

The Elohim Centre is a multi-dimensional environment that mirrors and awakens everyone’s full potential and beauty. An environment where people can be themselves with openness and vulnerability without leaning on others.

The higher vibrations increase vitality, life energy, clear insights and health. The gift of the Sacred site, the natural oneness, knowledge and awareness are shared with visitors during guided tours, consultations or shared meals. Together we give meaning to the new Earth.

From ‘I’ to ‘we’ society, Diamond City, the promise of a new Earth

The small Elohim “Diamond City” community has no religion and is based on everyone’s free choice. The community leaves old patterns behind and searches for new ‘we’ roads and wishes to respect food, rocks, animals, plants, the unseen worlds and the environment. The Elohim living-working community features an atmosphere of honesty, lightness, transparency, openness. You are yourself, you are in connection with everything and you feel free of tension and undercurrents – you feel at home.

We believe that when an organisation is actively involved in contributing to society and in coaching it’s employees in finding Oneness, developing talents and passion in their work, those employees and volunteers will happily serve that organisation with heart and soul. The Elohim organisation, which uses this strategy, become surrounded by a dynamic, productive sphere of efficiency, self-development, enjoyment, universal support, abundance and equality. Only ‘we’ organisations that want to take care of Mother Earth and society can survive because having this purpose will attract an enormous power.

Everyone’s True Nature houses a driving force that is focused on the evolutionary path to live and work in oneness

The sacred site brings together the talents and gifts of individuals to work towards a shared goal and vision for the future. Our community works and lives as a collective, in oneness with both each other and our natural and spiritual surroundings. And much like rivers flow to the sea, through working and living in collective consciousness, our community has a direct impact on the greater collective consciousness of the World. Do you want to activate and feed your own joy, planetary contribution and true nature? Contact us for volunteering possibilities.

Many are called, and many will flow to the Elohim Centre to take part in the Crystalline Golden Age awakenings- and service process

The Centre is unique as self-realization school and worldpowerpoint because the cosmic electrifying forces (awareness, spiritual) here that coincide with the feminine magnetic water love forces.

Sekinah, with her Shakti gentleness and love. Sekinah is physically noticeable at the Elohim centre. It comes directly into cells and abdomen area. Sekinah, in the old patriarchal time only served our heads, not our being or belly with caring and mutual security. To do that she needs to rise up from the earth, the magnetic pole.

This universal Sekinah-Shakti magnetic love force and the higher dimensional electrifying spirit-knowledge forces, run deep within Earth and spiral from the cosmos. Maintaining the sacred relationship, the golden age unitypoint(or New Jerusalem) at the Elohim centre. This sacred unity energy is sensed and noticed at the Elohim centre. Sekinah brings ultimate security in cells, karma, DNA and our inner child, to our visitors and our team. Causing old patterns to transform accelerated. She fills us in the coming years with our highest light and mission.

The Elohim City Power and self-realization gardens activate the multidimensional full potential, the true self and the new time on earth.

It is extraordinary how much this place, which from the outside looks like a ‘normal’ visitors center. Offers support on the path to enlightenment. When I tune in to the energy of self-realization gardens I can feel how profound of an initiation place each individual garden is. So many layers, such a huge amount of energy information. This information seeps very gradually, exactly at the pace that is right for you, into your system. Every time I come in the healing gardens, I can feel the energy in a different way entering my system bringing other changes.

When I tune in the whole place feels filled with incredible strength.

Asif someone has put the blueprint for human development into one space. Each healing garden feels like a complete guide to a ‘chapter’ of your inner development, and together they bring you to the fully embodied state of enlightenment and God Realization.

And it seems like it’s just the beginning of what this place has to offer mankind!

In addition to the crystalline, natural and star lines anchoring of information, the Intelligence of the gardens at the Elohim Centre also help with the creation of the new Earth, the unity of all empires and the great evolutionary plan. I can’t become aware of this realization in my body, like Joke can, but I just know.