Want to work as a volunteer?

Groepsfoto 2The Elohim Centre would like to welcome enthusiastic and conscious individuals to join our dynamic team.

  • Would you like to work in Oneness with spiritual beings, Mother Nature and the flourishing Elohim community?
  • Would you like to commit to creating a community of the future?
  • Do you ever wish that you could combine your ‘work’ with your enlightenment process?
  • Are you looking for an internship as part of your school work?

Volunteering at the Elohim Centre will allow you to further activate your full potential, intuition and communication. While working hard to maintain the sacred site, you will exercise open communication from your sensitive soul, instead of your ego. You will learn and apply skills in emotional intelligence, ecological awareness, non-dual conflict resolution and self-expression. In return, you will be immersed in opportunities to follow your destiny and discover your passion and talents. The longer you stay at the Elohim sacred site, the more self-discoveries you will make.

Suitable volunteers will:

  • Want to develop further and unite their internal and external paths
  • Love nature
  • Be non-smokers
  • Try not project feelings onto your fellow community members
  • Be able to apply a ‘we’ feeling
  • Desire the opportunity to contribute to a new, self-sustaining society

Samen eten 2015

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If this sounds like you, send your CV to info@elohim-centre.org as well as a brief description of yourself, a photograph and any concerns/comments regarding the requirements above.

If you like staying at Elohim and feel one with our vision and community life, it may be possible for you to stay longer. In some cases, you can use your creative powers and business knowledge to manifest your own job and income.