Elohim Sacred Site

Elohim, a multi-dimensional sacred site in Veelerveen, the Netherlands

Situated in the countryside of Veelerveen, Groningen, at the place representing the pineal gland of the Netherlands, is the Elohim Sacred Site. This spiritual power point, spanning 5.5 hectares, is intended for individual and worldwide enlightenment. It is a place existing in Oneness, where people, plants, animals, nature spirits, angels, ascended masters and star beings work together in loving and ground-breaking ways, all in alignment with Mother Earth.

The multi-dimensional healing gardens, spiritual shop, new age ashram, residential and holiday accommodations, Master healer-readers and training/workshop centre all bear the same higher light of Oneness that is anchored in the Elohim sacred site. They ground everyone’s higher dimensions and soul parts and “uplift” your spirit in a palpable way. Your heart, consciousness, intuition, subtle feeling and clairvoyant gifts expand. The 13-dimensional light of the Elohim Sacred Site brings the future of The Diamond New Earth® and New Earth people, attracting more and more people since it’s founding in 1989.

At the Elohim sacred site you’ll find a peacefulness which is so intense, deep and silent, so undisturbed and total. A loving guiding spirit which leads to Truth and non-duality, beyond the noise of the ego. The spiraling light vortex of the sacred site reaches far into the Metaphysical Dimensions and deep into Mother Earth.

Visit and discover the healing effects of the multi-dimensional gardens and sacred site. Make your stay even more powerful by booking a silent retreat or breakthrough arrangement.

The experienced Elohim Master-Healer-Reader-Coaches work with your true Essence and the Higher Dimensions to get to the core of your problem or situation.  Also available through phone or Skype.

Elohim products are activated to their full 13-dimensional potential. They cleanse and activate the physical body, mind and all 144 light bodies. Discover crystals and self-realisation tinctures.

At the Elohim Centre, staff and volunteers are given the opportunity to work towards a new society, as their own process gradually takes them in the direction of awakening.

Opening hours

Opening hours of the spiritual shop and healing self-realisation gardens:
Thursday to Sunday: 10.30 – 12.15 a.m. and 1.15 – 5.00 p.m.

The spiritual centre is closed from mid-December to the beginning of January. It is also closed on: King’s Day, Ascension day, Whitsun and Easter.
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