Our Vision

The goal of the Elohim Centre and Sacred Site is to help build a new society in which we live and work in harmony with our selves, each other and all other realms (Mother Earth, the Nature Spirits and the Angelic Kingdoms).

In this new age community, residents, visitors, clients and students bring together business skills, higher consciousness and a heart connection. They contribute their talents and hearts to a new ‘we’ society that is not driven by the ego. Their conscious approach to the Earth, each other’s soul, animals, plants, crystals, work, food and money, brings about positive changes and creates joy and fulfillment.

Teachings for sensitive, conscious  and multidimensional people

As an educational centre, Elohim Centre forms a training ground for a new society of people functioning from unity and true Self. For people who, through inner development, are able to focus on the well-being of the environment around them, including relationships, family, organization, society and nature.

All of the Elohim teachings support this purpose, bringing far more than just knowledge alone. The healing and transformational energies which are channeled and felt during the workshops, sessions and visits to the healing gardens, noticeably activate all 12 soul bodies / dimensions and the Divine Spark in daily life and the physical body. They are meant for Cosmic Mastery and the enlightenment of Man and Earth (The Diamond New Earth).

A new age business

Elohim also aspires to be a leading example of a new age business, employing new ways of managing a company. Just like any other non-subsidized business, Elohim Centre needs to be productive and profitable. However our main goals are to raise awareness for a new way of living and working together, which is defined by oneness and passion.

Money can symbolize the energy of work and love, of ourselves and others. It may therefore be honoured and consciously given and received. Earning money can be a consequence of who we are, our strength and what we do, but is not an objective in itself. This is one of the characteristics of the Elohim new-age management. Productivity, money, love and business provide the financial foundation for our higher mission / purpose. For years, the Elohim team have been a successful pioneer in this approach.

Manifesting through collective consciousness

Through self-realisation, a broadened awareness and love, we experience ourselves as belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Our desire for goodness flows naturally from our essence and true nature, rather than from our false ego. Old focuses on limitations, negative feelings and beliefs are released and transformed into a loving willingness, as we realise that it is our higher understanding, consciousness, sensitivity and connectedness that create a better world.

The Elohim Sacred Site is a world power point and it’s healing energy works like a ‘acupuncture needle’ for the world’s soul.

This is how we manifest things at the Elohim Centre and anchor them on the Earth. With our hearts and hands together, we support society and nature in Oneness and contributes to the evolution of a new Golden Age on Earth.